V33-H04H09 (3x3)  
Ref: V33-H04H09
For simultaneous display of four HDMI 2.0/1.4 sources on a 9 screens video wall with output resolutions up to 4K UHD
4K @60Hz 3840 × 2160 4:4:4 user-friendly web UI, RS232, RS485, RS422 and telnet.


  • 4k60 UHD
  • YUV 4.4.4
  • Real picture
  • 18 gbps (bandwidth)
  • HDMI 2.0
  • Stereo 192kbps
  • HDCP 2.2
  • Frame synchronization
  • User Friendly
  • No Virus Risk
  • TelNet Control
  • RS485
  • 24-7 nonstop working
  • web user interface over IP
  • Scaler
  • Customized layout
  • Multiview
  • Videowall
  • picture on picture
  • Cross-screen Displaying
  • flip
  • Shipping Now
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The Partilink 3x3 Multiview Video Wall Processor is an all-in-one 2x2 video wall system with multiview, scaling, customizing screen layouts, audio management and matrix. Its user-friendly web UI, RS232, RS485, RS422 and telnet. Modular and robust design made the video wall control effectively.

-Fast switching between input channels and combined multiple source images on video wall
-Handles HDMI® signals with Deep Color and HDCP 1.4 / 2.2 sources
-Input resolution up to 4K@60Hz, 4:4:4 color sampling
-Output resolution up to 4K@60Hz, 4:4:4 color sampling
-Upscaling up to 4K@60Hz, 4:4:4 color sampling and able to downscale as well

-PiP, PoP, quad-view flip and multiple customized screen layout configurations for video wall and matrix display
-Rotation (R90°and L90°) when input resolution up to 1080p and flip output in full screen layout
-Stereo audio output
-Control by web UI, RS232, RS485, RS422 and telnet
-Firmware upgrade via USB port
-Redundant power supply
-Hospitality in lobby, hospital, clinic
-Conference room presentation
-Advertising in shopping mall, supermarket, restaurant,
-Broadcast in airport, bus or train station, classroom, Casino
-Rental and staging
-Entertainment in restaurant, bar, multimedia room, boardrooms, home cinema
-Integrating with DVR, IP camera as a surveillance system
-Monitoring in bank and stock market
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